Well seeing as I just renewed this thing for another year and well I can’t really see much point in deleting it just yet, I’m going to split out the functions of the ‘brand’. The dot net site will continue to be this fascinating look into the mind of a man who doesn’t update a blog and the dot com site will become a YouTube portal for the content created by the same mind. I have a dot co dot uk site too but can’t think of anything to do with that either.  I’m sure one day i will find a reason and justify the money I spend on renewals but not today!


Just been out on my bike solo for the first time in forever.  I had no more excuses.  I’ve purchased every gadget and items of apparel that prevented me from getting out for the past two years. Oh I can’t go out this weekend cuz I haven’t got a set of lights and it’s Winter and it might suddenly go dark – Amazon checkout – Oh yeh, still need to get me a bright green reflective jacket cuz I need one before I can ride – Amazon checkout – If only I had a water bottle that fitted in the back of my new reflective jacket THEN I’d go out – Amazon checkout…Woke up this morning feeling pretty energised, without a tall tale of a bad night’s sleep thanks to kids, a back back (see kids), lack of equipment (see my book of excuses above) and to be fair a pretty massive feeling in the back of my mind that I really should do something at least slightly related to not dying before the summer.

You see this year marks one of those milestone Birthdays and I didn’t think it would ever affect me but it really has got under my skin over the last few months. I would have never imagined I would have made it this far when I was in my late teens – I simply didn’t have a care about my health or well being and took some ill advised decisions that I’m pretty sure are kicking me in the ass right now. A life style of beer, cigarettes, kebabs, an impressive VHS and music collection, 4 hours sleep a night and a total lack of exercise pretty much summed up  1993 – 2002. I gave up smoking before the birth of Thing1 and have been caffeine free for a large part of that time off and on but have supplemented those cravings with alcohol and chocolate .   To the point where I don’t think my older kids could take another night of Daddy being melancholic reading bedtime stories having smashed a bottle with dinner and snoozing lightly with Harry Potter still in my hands. So I had the grand idea of giving up all alcohol for a year – ‘a year off the beer’ was how the marketing department in my head made sense of it. It was also supposed to coincide with the last anniversary of my birth but got delayed until after the end of summer, cuz you know, summer and booze. And endless excuses.  Fast forward and I’ve been sober for many months now and I can tell you it’s getting easier to reconcile the health advantages over the hangover and upsetting people. I’ve been 100% free of even the smallest drop and I work for a flipping brewery so it hasn’t been easy. But as I rode my bike earlier, it struck me that I should be feeling better about my wonderful life and that it’s just a day that doesn’t have any real cosmic significance except in my head – which of course is correct. My wife has to put up a lot from me and I can’t tell you how awesome she is dealing with the bag of broken glass that is my personality. To help out with some of these sharp edges, we’ve made some other changes. I’m trying to claw back a little of what made me me before children – I used to write and play music – ha, remember that –  so I now try and have a night (2-3 hours) a week to myself where I can try and muster enough creative juice to make something appear. Which is hard to say GO and expect genius to appear in a frazzled brain and fingers that can’t remember what to do.  But it is really helping to separate stress into smaller boxes and some sprinkles of gold have been found among the bits that don’t sparkle which is cool. I hope that these changes will make me a little less angular and less sharp around others.

I suppose the point of this rant is a) it’s nice to use the blog that I pay for but rarely have time to sit down and compose anything of worth on b) I’ve just ridden 15 K and basically wrote this and needed to get it out and finally c) my poor wife is sick of hearing me belly ache about my thoughts so you lot can read it instead. Now if you will excuse me I have to get back to the ginormous bowl of Easter goodies that are calling me from the kitchen…No!!!!! Resist!!!! LMAO….


Now that life has settled down and we can take a few minutes to take a look around, I figure it’s time to get back on this blog thing. I feel the micro blog thing has it’s place (a fun way to share a pithy remark or a reaction) but I want to start putting some bigger chapters down having re-read the older bits. The reason for not keeping this up was due to job hunting and the site was effectively closed for a while to remove it from public access. Not that I have anything to hide here, it just didn’t feel right.  I’ve found a local job that fits my requirements more than perfectly, working with my preferred technology and producing my favourite liquid.  And they DO know how to arrange a pi$$ up.  Couldn’t wish for a better team and role – really my dream job.

So, we’ve had another girl. She is wonderful, smiles almost all the time, loves her Momma and fits in perfectly with the rest of the household – bringing a total of three things – 1, 2 and 3. I regret not blogging silently and publishing it now but hey ho. Safe to say that all went well and was a textbook pregnancy and birth. She was delivered on her due date and has been nothing but joy ever since. The other things are lovely and growing up into such beautiful creatures. Basically we are amazing lucky and fortunate to live our life and long may it continue.

Christmas was quiet and filled with chocolate – my favourite kind.  It’s interesting since we started saving bottles for my next door neighbour for his rocket fuel, I mean home made wine, I appear to have amassed an impressive amount of empty bottles.  Our generous and amazing family provided such an array of wonderful food that I think it will be summer before our clothes fit!  Thank you everyone for making this a very special holiday time.

I will try and update this at least once a month from now on as it really is entertaining (for me if no-one else) to re-read what, when, who and how.  Memories fade and often with me disappear too quickly.

Happy New Year to you all.


I’ve been driving into Shropshire since 2007 each day for work and it’s a sad day today as I venture back into the Black Country from next week. I’m not sad to leave my current employer but sad to leave the country side and the very many tractors!!


It’s been quite a ride to be fair these last three months with a new job and all of the changes that has meant to our little family. I have learnt so much that was obviously lacking in my skill set and have sharpened the bits I did have. My girls have also had significant changes with massive leaps forward in development and some great memories. It’s been a real shame that I didn’t keep the blog going during this time in draft format and publish now but it was the safest thing to do while I was job hunting. Well I’m back now and will continue to bore the pants off you with my blog entries…


So it’s been a while since the last blog and to be fair an awful lot has happened. I’ll start with the smallest and work up from there! Liv has come off the boob, onto the formula and turned a major corner. It took the best part of two weeks for the milk to go down for poor old H and I’m told it was a very painful experience. Huge swollen breasts are never a bad thing to a man. Liv is putting on weight at a decent rate and is on the third highest percentile for height apparently. Teeth are coming in (and don’t we know it), but still none of the ****ers have come through despite them being very visible.

Moo went to see Justin Beaker/Beaver (delete as appropriate to wind her up) last night and fully screamed the place down apparently dancing until the last note. She had a half term at ‘Cold Disney’ and a great time at the Valentine’s disco. She is so much fun to be around with a cracking sense of humour. She also lost her first front tooth on Tuesday and is very proud of it!

H is dreading going back to work as she has become quite attached to our ankle biter and isn’t looking forward to Nursery. It’s worth it for the child development alone but I wish she was going to work at a company she was better suited with her exemplary skills in design. We also said our sad farewell to Tharon Main – rest in peace Papa. We raised a toast in your honour with the lovely Champagne you brought us last Xmas. Peace after so much pain.

Me, well lots of work has been done and not a great deal of fun apart from the band. We’ve still haven’t got a band name, vocalist or more than 3 songs but we are having a lot of fun writing, rewriting, chatting, throwing a bit out, jamming on blues standards, writing, chatting, going home because we are grown ups now with commitments – you know, that kind of stuff. I’m very happy with my Rickenbacker bass sound having thrown my compressor into the mix and bought some decent speaker cables – what a difference! Boney is toying with having 3 separate amps (yes 3) rather than the Marshall rig and a Vox rig he runs through at the moment. Yes, the surrounding houses must love us. Jonny Meatballs has just bought a new Tama drum kit and crikey it is like a cannon going off, very sweet. We are open to offers if anyone has a suggestion for a band name 😉


Had the rare but immense pleasure of pinch punching Paul in the flesh this morning which makes it very much my year. We had a boys night in playing Risk at Simon’s which involved a lot more wine and beer than I was planning for. Today I have mostly sobered up and done bits and bobs of work but mostly sobered up. It would appear that when I fell in this morning and got cosy on the sofa, I got so comfy that I fell asleep. I woke up at 05.30 freezing cold and figured it was probably time to take my hat and coat off…at least I got to say goodnight to my girls currently in Pacific Standard Time. The curry I made last night has made every room smell like there is a Garam Masala factory next door but it was worth it, especially for breakfast this morning. Nothing says bachelor like last night’s curry for breakfast – come home soon Chippy, at this rate I’ll soon be eating scrambled eggs, with a comb, from a shoe! I know this month will fly by and we shall all be together again before I know it. I’m missing them like a crazy person…


Took Heather, Olivia and Sarah to the airport today.  They are going to spend Thanksgiving and Xmas in Southern California and I will join them shortly after Xmas with Mills.  The send off was emotional but not as bad as some of our previous partings.  Tonight I’ve had a great time with Mills and got myself organised ready for 6 weeks of being a bachelor – getting the films down from the loft from Xmas last year that I haven’t watched yet (4 hour Das Boot Blu Ray anyone? lol), the stuff Sarah didn’t like (chocolate and crisps) mountain has been put into one confectionary area, a jigsaw has been started, guitars have come out of cases and a man shopping list is now pinned to the fridge.  You know, man on his own stuff.  I think I’ve kept so busy as the house is frickin silent and very, very noticeable that most of it is missing.  Tonight I’m going to bed early as I’m expecting a call around 3 when they land.  So far they are 15 mins ahead of schedule, not that I am refreshing the page every 5 mins or anything….

Also worth mentioning, we experimented with a Google+ hangout the other night as Skype is blocked on some free wireless networks and that is how I will communicate with Heather for some time.  Think Skype but with loads of other stuff and 9 video connections for free, pretty impressive to be fair.  Shame about the other stuff they have tried to show horn in to compete with Book Face but the conference stuff is excellent on the phones.  Worth checking out if you haven’t yet.  Reminds me, time to charge up the wireless headset.  It’s like turning back the clock 4 years…