This going to be a long post, so maybe get a cuppa and a biscuit….We’ve been off the grid for a few days so err, what happened while we were gone and out of phone battery? Seriously, I have no clue other than the football score what has happened, lol….

This morning heralds the first in many days since we have woken up in our own bed. Since Thursday we were at Download 2010 and slept in the Bone’s mobile home known as Big Bertha. The whole thing was flippin awesome and it only rained on the last day late in the afternoon and boy did it rain. The headline acts were AC/DC, Rage against the machine and Aerosmith and they all did their thing on an excellent stage and impressive sound system. We got back early this morning and after peeling off the festival clobber and a quick shower we have slept the sleep of the dead. Blistered feet, aching joints and a 4 day hangover are the order of play today but we all had a really excellent time. Our love and thanks to them Bones for sharing their second home with us and making us very, very comfortable. The notion of having Continue reading “ACHING, TIRED BUT CLEAN..”


I fell out with MySpace after they removed my site containing all of my songs that were not in breach of copyright and since then have not had an outlet for my stuff. Thanks to a free gem found by Señor Bonestrong, I now have a podcast!

Woo hoo I hear one of you cry! What’s a podcast?.. I hear everyone else ask themselves as they don’t actually want to ask me in case of sarcasm and a rising huff. Well, its a way of me being able to dump my songs on you dear world and you can choose to listen to them via your browser or not, those are the choices. But at least you have a choice. AND I can upload all manner of half ideas and things that sound like crap on you IF you care to listen. It’s the best of both worlds; my expansive ego is satisfied that someone, somewhere is hearing the result of many hours work and you can hear it without me having to do a thing.

Check out the right hand side for a link that says My Podcast and in future, when I have something worth sharing I will dump it here for you lot to ignore.


Yesterday me and the chip went on a pub crawl with Cuz, Karen, Stymaster and the stymistress around the delights of Wolverhampton and Bilston – I know how to show her a good time. As the afternoon went on we had to make a dash in a taxi over to our good friends Sam n Jon for some lovely dinner and more beer. Woke up this morning full of spring joy and have recorded a song to celebrate just how blummin great our life is and how lucky we are. I blame this song for the direction my mind is in as it’s not only a beautiful tune but its catchy as flip to boot:


One of the many pleasures of being drunk and having a bank card is that you sometimes don’t remember how or why you have purchased something until it arrives. At some point before Christmas I must have thought it was a great idea to buy a Zoo for the Wii and we got to play with it this weekend with Mills. You choose your animals, the sex and then put them in an enclosure. Mills wanted 2 tapirs, 2 elephants and 2 hippos and named them all in her special language that cracks us up. The only caveat is that you have to clean the enclosures, feed them, call them and pet them twice a day or else you get naughty or gluttonous animals. Which is what we’ve got. I bring this all on myself…

In other news we went to see Henry Rollins on Saturday with the ginger half of the Bones as man Bone had man flu or more than likely Norovirus Bone which flows off the tongue much like the projectile vomit he was suffering from. Henry did his thang and brought us up to date with what he had been up to in his own humorous, rapid and intense style. I’ve gone on at great length previously about him, nuff said.

Tonight is the first live rehearsal with a band for over a year and I’m nervous/excited as I’m very rusty. That once important part of my life has been dormant for ages and when I picked up a bass last night and it felt weird. I’ve been playing drums and guitar too much over the past year. The reason for it is a one off gig to provide a band for a young singer and we will be playing both types of music – Country and Western. Should be a giggle…


You may have heard about it but in case you haven’t….There is a Facebook group started by a disgruntled couple who are promoting the purchase of Rage Against the Machine’s radio friendly sing along pop song – Killing in the name of.  It has snowballed into big news and may even knock the smile of that smug **** Simon Cowell for a moment when it becomes the Xmas number one song.  Basically for under a pound you can get it and I for one look forward to it being played but not the look on Simon Cowell’s face after all of this means that MORE people will buy his single and inflate the outrageous singles sales of a very lame and throwaway pop ‘hit’….If you are interested, you can also donate some money to Shelter at the same time


Well it seems that I just don’t have much luck with social networks…I was deleted from facebook as my username didn’t match their ‘real name’ policy and now for some strange reason my myspace page has been removed:


This is usually due to one of the following:

* Nude images, sexually suggestive or violent photos
* Covering our banner ads with HTML
* Harassing other users
* You do not meet the minimum age requirement
* Spamming the classifieds, forums, bulletins, or other sections of the site
* Attempting to artificially inflate scores
* Scripting the site

Your account cannot be restored. If you choose to return to MySpace, please follow the rules.


Well, f*ck you myspace, I’ve not changed anything for nearly 2 years on my space so I don’t think I’ve done anything that I could think of that would affect the site.  I only kept it there because I was particularly happy that that many people had visited the pages to check out *my* songs.   From now on you are dead to me.  You broke my heart.


It’s been 28 days – 28 long, long days – since I last had an alcoholic drink.  I felt that a pattern of drinking to excess was becoming a little too regular and seeing as I currently live on my own, it’s not something that I’m too proud of.  My Xbox has finally died so I can’t watch my media on the TV so I’m just not sitting in the lounge.  Now I’ve now got the beatlab to keep me busy on a night time.  I’m working on my first orchestral piece and it’s really keeping me focused.  I’m really happy that I reached this milestone,  I think it’s been quite a while since I went this long without a drink.  So to celebrate guess what – I’m having a curry!  lol…You see I’ve also cut down significantly on bad food.  During this month, I can count the times  on one hand that I’ve eaten chocolate, take aways or my normal afternoon scooby snacks.  A muslim colleague at work commented that I should convert as I already had done the hard bit!

Not that  its any excuse but it is the bank holiday weekend so I *am* going to have a little dwinky. I have reason to raise a toast you see.  It’s nearly time for the return of my wife which is pretty flippin big news.  The visa stuff is all being processed now and the clock has started on when the passport + visa will come back.  We are planning on a late September flight but who knows.  It feels like many months have passed since the last time I held my wife and it can’t come round quick enough!!!  I miss my Chippenheimer Von Sexybum!


Last night we went out to celebrate the Birthday of Nelson Mandela and some people even gave me cards which I will pass onto Nelson after crossing out my name which they mistakenly put on them. Today I have been working hard putting together the Beat Laboratory after its successful relocation from the now empty Fortress of Solitude.  It all works and I’m just smiling as it is more beautiful to behold than I could have ever imagined.  I have waited a very long time for this and the moment is sweet.  I am a very, very lucky man.

I’m also missing just one XLR cable that makes it all work though and for the life of me I can’t find it so I can’t actually hear anything but it looks great.  Just look at that.  And those.  Have you ever seen anything so awesome that was music based?  I think not…