So, we bought a new car because Chippy needs to be able to drive. No problems there, came out with a great deal on an automatic and we love it. The driving lessons have had to go on hold until after Xmas as cash is tight, again no problems there. So I figured I’d get the insurance to allow her as a named driver and as she has been driving for 7 years on a full US licence didn’t think it would be a problem – even as just a provisional driver. Now it turns out, I have to cancel my existing policy, take out a new one, get effed in the ay and smile while they take away lots of cash – over double my last policy. Bloody insurance companies, bunch of …well, I’d like to say something abusive so let’s settle on cunning stunts….And it turns out that I lost my ability to drive other cars 3rd party. Now, before you say it, I *could* call other insurance companies and dive into phone musaq hell, but I only had a window of 1 hour to do it and it really needs a full day of graft to do it. Rest assured, that day will arrive before the next policy is up….

One thought on “YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING…”

  1. Should have got her a proper car mate … you know, them ones with the steering wheel on the left :0)

    Looks almost like a yank scene here now with the Mustang on our drive and a Corvette on my neighbours :0)

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