When I moved out of the nest at 18, I put a pair of old speakers in the bathroom and hooked it up to the amp in the lounge. Everything was peachy as the flat was a total wreck and you didn’t notice the additional cable popping up from under the threadbare carpet. But since I moved onwards and upwards, I’ve never been able to recreate that soul nourishing sensation of high quality audio in the shower and frankly its been p*ssing me off ever since. So, with that in mind, with the big splurge in Nov on myself last year I bought a set of water proof bathroom speakers, a volume control, some decent grade speaker cable and then plotted and planned and agonised about how to make it work for the best. Do I want to have the sound from the TV in the bedroom available in the bathroom? Do I want the ability to change tracks *from* the bathroom? Do I go all high tech and buy a Sonos system? – I’d still need the waterproof speakers. Do I want to make my wife happy and give her a music system in her office? The answer is yes to some but not all. The solution: Drill a big dirty hole from the bathroom in the room next door underneath the bath -> Wifey’s Office (what we call the box room that is full of wardrobes and lady things).

Channel out tracks that utilise an existing channel that feeds the new extractor fan from the ceiling. Also utilise a big hole that Big Phil made in the ceiling pulling the cables into the new fan – thanks Phil you helped me make up my mind with what to do with hole! The finished product, two flush waterproof speakers and a heavy duty volume switch that feeds from the room next door. The smile on my face when we were able to shower listening to Django Reinhardt was priceless…..and Millie’s reaction to turning the volume up on Lady Gaga in the bath, even better! Tick in a box, onwards to the next job…

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