Last night I stepped up our defences a little at work with a new firewall and had a load of trouble overnight as you may expect despite rigorous testing.  This morning the phone was hot so I decided to let the fuel reserve to its job and get me to work ASAP.  However, the fuel reserve decided that 35 miles left was really 0 left and then on the last hill before work…a slowing sensation, gears automatically going down (it is an auto) and a rising fear that I wouldn’t have enough momentum to get me up the hill until finally it popped over the brow.  Quickly I changed into neutral and glided down the hill and into the parking area outside our gatehouse to the bafflement of the gatehouse team.  What a jerk.  As it stands I haven’t yet had any chance to grab some fuel but a kind colleague has a diesel can that I can pinch later.  The firewall stuff I cracked in about 5 minutes, sometimes you just need to sleep on something before the (very obvious) answer smacks you in the face.  I’ve found that being the only techy on site means it has to get worse before it gets better a lot of the time…

11 thoughts on “WONDERFUL START TO THE DAY…”

  1. Cousin – if you need some help I know a college that has tinkered with M0n0wall.

    Look s good for a piece of Open Source Software – what made you choose that?

  2. It was recommended by the European Network guy and to be fair looks very comprehensive. So far so good, lots of new toys and some interesting VPN stuff that I’m getting my head around!

  3. A word of warning for the future mate. Avoid chucking it in neutral and coasting (more importantly when the engine’s not running). If the engine isn’t running then neither is the fluid pump for the trans which isn’t good for an auto box 🙁

    Some models are ok with it but generally the design of an auto isn’t built to freewheel like that.

  4. He’s right you know, /should/ be OK with engine running, but better to not freewheel. Same applies for towing, you should lift the drive wheels really.

  5. It’s still a lot better than using all your bodyweight to jam it into Park whilst doing 20 MPH lol.
    After stripping and rebuilding the Mustang’s trans I now understand why it was so difficult 🙂

  6. Well I’m glad you pair know what you’re talking about. I can just about remember to put it in A and press the pedal…lol…

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