Well it seems these days that I rarely get five minutes to myself with 2 kids, work and sleep but this morning I woke up very early and decided to get on the mac before everyone else does.  Figured I would update my footy team ready for another disappointing fantasy league season and do some housekeeping on my email but noticed that it has been months since I last blogged.  Weird that I am no longer compelled to dump stuff here after so many years but I think that Twitter has just become an instant way to share a thought or a link and I know that the people I want to react to those thoughts check Twitter.  Anyway, life is very good and everyone is growing nicely, myself in the waistline.

Been writing music and rehearsing live for the first time in ages with Boney and Jonjo writing a song and it’s turning out to be pretty awesome.  Work is going well and despite the place having to make yet more redundancies this month, we should be a lot stronger pretty soon.
Another reason for being so happy is that a trip to the dentist yesterday not only left me with clean gnashers but I asked to have three of my razor sharp wolf teeth smoothed a bit and wow what a difference! Hopefully a lot less cheek and tongue injuries.

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