Ok so I’ve joined the ranks of those I openly mocked two years ago. I now have an ipad. Yes I know. I did ridicule them saying that to work it you would need a keyboard, it’s just a big iPhone, it’s nothing but a toy etc etc…I was wrong and I openly admit it. Since this came into my possession on Sunday night I have successfully moved most of my laptop based stuff onto it and together with my phone (still rocking an android, can’t bring my self to get an iPhone just yet), I am pretty impressed at the abilities of this first generation device. It’s not as fast or feature rich as the latest one but for what I need it’s bloody great. Go on, mock me….

5 thoughts on “ONE OF US…”

  1. Well, you did ask for it.

    I disown you.

    You’re becoming an iSheep. Youll get an iPhone 5, mark my words. Before you know it you’ll use the ‘but Apple stuff just *works*’ phrase, despite evidence to the contrary.

    I’ll order you the turtle-neck and chinos. See you in Starbucks.

  2. Ha, that is exactly what I was expecting! This can only be decided in beer to beer combat – name your pub! Preferably one with a bus back to Wolves….

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