A pheasant just flew into our kitchen window, snapped its own neck and left a greasy pheasant shape on the window.  I kid you not.  My next-next door neighbour has a taste for that kind of thing and has taken the fresh bird away.  All this in the last 5 minutes.  Earlier today I picked up Moo from her holiday and on the way home we stopped off at the Ranch and we rocked with her on the mic and me on the drums then we would swap, Man or a Muppet never sounded so sweet.  Sign of things to come.  Olivia continues her development and has not only progressed to food and water but said Mama for the first time.  These are wonderful days.  Earlier this week we three rocked out and I think I may have found my perfect bass sound, Ravine never sounded so sweet.  So all in all, a great week!

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