Took Heather, Olivia and Sarah to the airport today.  They are going to spend Thanksgiving and Xmas in Southern California and I will join them shortly after Xmas with Mills.  The send off was emotional but not as bad as some of our previous partings.  Tonight I’ve had a great time with Mills and got myself organised ready for 6 weeks of being a bachelor – getting the films down from the loft from Xmas last year that I haven’t watched yet (4 hour Das Boot Blu Ray anyone? lol), the stuff Sarah didn’t like (chocolate and crisps) mountain has been put into one confectionary area, a jigsaw has been started, guitars have come out of cases and a man shopping list is now pinned to the fridge.  You know, man on his own stuff.  I think I’ve kept so busy as the house is frickin silent and very, very noticeable that most of it is missing.  Tonight I’m going to bed early as I’m expecting a call around 3 when they land.  So far they are 15 mins ahead of schedule, not that I am refreshing the page every 5 mins or anything….

Also worth mentioning, we experimented with a Google+ hangout the other night as Skype is blocked on some free wireless networks and that is how I will communicate with Heather for some time.  Think Skype but with loads of other stuff and 9 video connections for free, pretty impressive to be fair.  Shame about the other stuff they have tried to show horn in to compete with Book Face but the conference stuff is excellent on the phones.  Worth checking out if you haven’t yet.  Reminds me, time to charge up the wireless headset.  It’s like turning back the clock 4 years…

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