Firstly, I expect to take a fair amount of flack for the following statement. I have upgraded to an iPhone5. It will not go unnoticed by several people that I have heaped abuse upon and been quite sniffy about my preference for Android smartphones over the years. And also one person who will get a great deal of amusement out of it, but you know what, I’m tired of the Android operating system. I was in there like a shot when the first one came out and loved my G1. I’ve upgraded three times since then and each time felt that it got better. Now I feel like a change for three important reasons:


My setup at home now includes 2 Raspberry Pis running XBIAN – this means I can *wirelessly* send music/movies/video footage/pictures to either of them from any point in the house. One is connected to the lounge system and speakers in the kitchen, the other into the bathroom speakers. This uses an Apple only product called AirPlay. I own an iPad, my wife uses an iPhone, all of my friends and family use iPhones so it makes sense that anyone who visits can display pictures from their phone on the TV in the lounge without having to do anything other than press the Airplay icon that automatically appears on an iPhone when it is in range.


My big stick that I used to smack any iPhone person with was that the navigation built into the Android OS has the best free GPS navigation app and yours doesn’t, ner ner ner ner nerrrr. Well now it does and it looks much nicer on there too.


If I can’t get on with it, wifey is due on upgrade in three months so I will give her my phone and go back to Android. See, the plan is perfect!

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