Well seeing as I just renewed this thing for another year and well I can’t really see much point in deleting it just yet, I’m going to split out the functions of the ‘brand’. The dot net site will continue to be this fascinating look into the mind of a man who doesn’t update a blog and the dot com site will become a YouTube portal for the content created by the same mind. I have a dot co dot uk site too but can’t think of anything to do with that either.  I’m sure one day i will find a reason and justify the money I spend on renewals but not today!

One thought on “CHCHCHCH CHANGES….”

  1. Ahoy Ross! Do you remember a bloke called Andy Lawler? He’s now a famous Ibiza photographer of 10 years, called Max Lawless. 😉

    You popped into Max’s head the other day… took a moment to check in on SublimeProduct(tm) … Happy to see it’s still alive!

    Sending you (and Boney et al) all the best of Wishes! xxx

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