This last week I’ve been quite tired and have been working hard at work and at home.  The candle is well and truely burnt at both ends.  Plus Mills has been unwell and generally it’s been a bit of a poor week in this house.  Today, after I had finished doing more work and visiting family, I felt a surge of inspiration and picked up my trusty acoustic guitar and within a few minutes a new verse and bridge had appeared out of thin air.  I love those creative bursts and only wish they would be available all the time.  The most wonderful piece of technology I own is my smartphone – I can record an idea or a sentance instantly and then piece together ideas from months of these flashes of inspiration.  After about 6 hours of being totally immersed in creating a full 70 seconds worth of a song, I have retired to bed pretty exhausted but elated.  I cannot describe the joy it gives me to beaver away at a song, writing and rewriting parts and listening over and over, then having a idea, then deleting it because this one is way better, then realising that the original idea was actually far better and wishing you hadn’t deleted it, then remembering that with this software nothing is really deleted and finding out that your mind played back a different version and you should really record that one as it’s way better quickly before it goes, etc. etc. To the listener who would sit in on the process it must be very repetative and boring (I know the dog gets up and leaves before even play a note on my drums) but all I know is that this is what defines me.  This is what I do.  I write and record 1 minute songs that no-one ever hears, and you know what, I loves it.  I don’t care if anyone ever hears them, they are my release and are worth thousands of pounds to me as let’s face it, money can’t buy you happiness.  But doing something you love can make you happy regardless of cost.

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