Last night I spent a very happy few hours with a new guitarist and new drummer over in Shropshire jamming out songs. It turns out that my old Peavey bass with a bit of TLC and some new strings has still got what it takes to play some nasty metal which makes me very happy as I don’t want to break my vintage Ricky bass by making it do things it shouldn’t. I had learnt a couple of old ‘Machine Head‘ classics beforehand and me and the guitarist compared notes and got it working pretty well. When the drummer turned up I was expecting a lacklustre performance as to be fair, it is really very hard to find people who can play metal drums in time and for more than 25 seconds but my jaw hit the floor when after we nailed the song on the first attempt. For reals. Fook-Mi is what Austin Powers once said to a Japanese twin and my thoughts were similar but with a different connotation. Well maybe, as I do think about Japanese twins every now and then…Anyway, after we did the ones that I’d learnt we then fell back on songs that we kind of remembered and loved and managed to fill a very happy 3 hours banging out heavy classics including some of my favourite Mastodon songs – these guys don’t mess around. I’m extremely happy to be working musically again, even in just a cover facility as these are songs that I love to listen to rather than just stuff that I know. From here who knows!

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