Me and the wife have Android phones and after an update last weekend from T-Mobile we have the same version of operating system. Which is very cool as we now have the same toys to play with. One of them is Google’s Latitude which I remember coming out but it didn’t impress me at the time. That said, I played with all the new toys on Sunday now that there is another phone that will respond to all the gadgets and this one is really very interesting. You have a list of contacts in Google that you can do ‘stuff’ with (call, email, txt, etc) but now you can find out where they are! AND get directions to them! All this sounds like something from a science fiction movie but I can now see where my wife’s phone is (or was in the last hour) on a Google map which I can then do all sorts of cool stuff with like see a street view of what she can see. The Google navigation has meant that I’ve ditched my GPS and hasn’t failed me yet. The only issue is when you hit an area that you haven’t got mobile high speed data coverage in – like the United States for 10 days – then the plan falls on its arse….
Anyway, this weekend we officially ‘rested’ and didn’t do a great deal which flippin’ rocked. I practised and practised until I nearly have ‘The wolf is loose’ by Mastodon down and we went to the cinema to see the new Twilight (wife’s choice) and Inception (my choice). Eclipse was, as was to be expected, awful but not as awful as the previous one. Inception on the other hand blew my tired mind and left me with the same feeling as when I saw the Matrix for the first time – highly recommended and want to see it a second time!..

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